Dried Blood Spot Laboratory

DBSL kit

1. Easy use

The kit contains an instruction card and all essentials to perform the blood spot procedure. Read more >

2. Check completeness

The kit contains a contents leaflet, please check your kit and identify the components. Read more >

3. Instruction card

You are advised to read the instruction card carefully before you perform the blood prick procedure .Read more >

4. Language support

The instruction card is built up with pictograms and instructions. Currently we have 8 languages available. Read more >

5. Warm hands

Place all essentials in front of you: the bloodspot card, lancet, gauze and plaster. Read more >

6. Choose the site

Fill in all requested information on the Bloodspot card before you prepare for the sampling. Read more >

7. Apply lancet

To prepare the lancet for use: simply twist off the lancet cap. Do not pull. Place the chosen Read more >

8. Sample collection

Hold your hand with the fingers pointing downwards. Gently rub the finger with thumb Read more >

9. Spotting blood

Keep your finger just above circle 1 and allow the blood to drop freely onto the card. Do not touch Read more >

10. Completion

A successfully filled card looks as shown above. Allow the bloodspots to dry for 15 minutes. Read more >

11. Mail the enveloppe

Place the dried blood spot sample card in the supplied and specially prepared envelope. Read more >

12. Feedback experience

DBSL wishes you success with taking the blood samples and thanks you for using our kit. Read more >