Dried Blood Spot Laboratory

Method Development using Mass Spectrometry

DBSL develops its Dried Blood Spot analysis procedures using Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for drug monitoring and biomarker studies in close cooperation with our clients. The process consists of the development of a robust, sensitive and specific quantitative detection method followed by a laboratory validation and a practical validation with samples from patients and/or volunteers. For the assay validation we make use of well recognized standards and when possible, stable isotopes of relevant compounds/metabolites. DBSL has developed proprietary methodology to extract the compounds of interest from the dried blood matrix.

Currently assays have been developed for drugs and their metabolites and for biomarkers including vitamins. Also for biologicals DBS is an asset as many biologicals are stable for a significant period of time in the dried matrix of the DBS.

The use of DBS in studies leads to significant reduction in costs as well as improved acceptance (and therefore enrollment time) by patients. Especially in pediatric studies, using DBS has made studies more acceptable for Medical Ethical Committees, the children involved and their parents or care takers.

LC-MSMS equipment in the laboratory in Geleen (NL)

LC-MS/MS equipment in the laboratory in Geleen (NL)